The wind blows across the sea.









Like a king after a religious ceremony.

It is favourable to do great works.

Perseverance is favourable.


Wind moves over the waters.


The wise kings made sacrifices to God by building churches.


This chapter is related in meaning to chapter 45, gathering together. After a gathering there is the time when people disperse. This is not the same as splitting apart since there is an intention to go away and do things and then to meet again.

Preparations for the next gathering are indicated here, in the text, by the building of churches but all kinds of preparations may be useful.




1) 6 at the start

a) Taking advantage of a rescuing horse. Strength brings good fortune.

b) Good fortune from not resisting.

This means that you are pulled away from some difficulties as a result of joining in with someone else's strong movement.


2) 9 in 2nd throw

a) Dispersal; he hurries from the table. Remorse disappears.

b) He desires something.

It is right to go and seek something you really want. You will get the help you need and the thing you wanted.


3) 6 in 3rd throw

a) Dispersing himself. No remorse.

b) His mind is focused outside.

This means that you decide to put aside your own desires and do work for the good of others. This brings its own rewards and can take your mind away from your own problems.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Dispersing one's friends.
Supreme good fortune.
Dispersed to a hilltop.
Thinking not hiding.

b) Greatness and brilliance.

This is someone who decides to go their own way or to let others go. This opens new fields of activity and brings good fortune.


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) Dispersing sweat; the imperial edict.
His most important order.
A king takes office without blame.

b) He is in his proper place.

Here you have the position of ruler and your words reach out to the various scattered people. You are in the correct place and your influence spreads out from the centre.


6) 9 at the top

a) Dispersing his property.
Emerging and going far away.
No blame.

b) This avoids harm.

There is no blame in keeping away at this time. It avoids trouble and helps generally. It is good to know the correct timing of when to be absent.