A penetrating wind.







Subtle penetration.

Success through the small.

It is good to have a direction in life.

Seeing important people will be an advantage.


Winds moving in the same direction.

Subtle penetration.

A wise man sends out words in order to carry things forward.


Wind pushes gently, but steadily, in the direction in which it goes. This is its penetrating quality. That idea here means to penetrating into the heart of something; or to get to the bottom of something. This is done by keeping-on gently pushing in the same direction. Other methods are not so effective, and tend to fail, but the gentle way requires patience. It is particularly useful where you have only small strength and wish to uncover dark secrets and dirty dealings.
Concentrating on small details, and seeing people, will be an advantage.




1) 6 at the start

a) Advancing and retreating.
Perseverance like a warrior will be necessary.

b) Doubts are controlled.

There is a danger of being indecisive and giving up. You must adopt the attitude of a warrior. You must do what is necessary at the time, advance or retreat, and not give up under any circumstances. If an opportunity arises to push forward you should take it. If you get pushed back you must try again and not give up.


2) 9 in 2nd throw

a) Penetration under the bed.
Making use of academics and holy-men.
This mixture brings good fortune.
No blame.

b) You attain a central position.

This is about dark and devious doings being uncovered and dragged out into the open. Bits of information from various sources start to link together; this brings good fortune at a later stage.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) Urgent penetration. Humiliation.

b) Hard in a weak place.

This is somebody who is impatient and unable to penetrate subtly into the true nature of the situation. Instead they are nosey, listen to rumours, and jump to conclusions. This then leads to humiliation when they make a fool of themselves acting on wrong information.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Remorse vanishes.
During the hunt three kinds of game are caught.

b) This is an achievement.

There are various types of game; it depends what you are hunting. This means that you will do better than you expect to.


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) Perseverance brings good fortune.
Remorse vanishes.
Nothing that is not favourable.
Without beginning there is an ending.
Before the change; three days.
After the change; three days.
Good fortune.

b) The situation is correctly centered.

This means that by gentle perseverance you will end something; after a period of time. This will bring good fortune and happier times.


6) 9 at the top

a) Penetration under the bed.
He loses his power and his status.
Perseverance brings misfortune.

b) Holding on brings misfortune.

This is somebody who loses his position once it is discovered how he got it; and how he held on to it.