Fire under the lake.







Revolution; before the Sun reaches the zenith.

Then the situation will be correct.

Perseverance brings great success.

Remorse disappears.


Fire in the middle of the lake.


A wise man creates a calendar that makes the seasons clear.



Revolutions can take many forms. A fire bursting through a lake is violent. Redrawing an old calendar, so that spring occurs in the correct month, is nonviolent. Revolutions have many forms, but usually involve a sudden change, where those who were on top are suddenly pushed out. This occurs after a time of tension; where changes had been wanted but were prevented.

This chapter means that there is a need for some kind of revolution and gives some advice on the timing and method. You have to wait for the right time, and there must be genuine reasons, and there needs to be widespread support.

If you do things correctly you will have great success.




1) 9 at the start

a) Thongs made of yellow leather.

b) Not allowing it to begin.

Restraint is needed at the beginning; a premature start could ruin your chances. It is necessary to hold back firmly until everything is prepared and the time is right.


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) Wait until the sun reaches the zenith; then revolt.
Punishments bring good fortune. No blame.

b) Action will bring glory.

Here you are in a position to carry out a successful revolution; when the time is correct. You must wait, and decide when will be the correct time, and then make your move.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) Punishing brings misfortune.
Perseverance brings danger.
When talk of revolution is heard many times; then it will be correct.

b) Then you know there is reason.

If your revolution will be opposed then trouble and danger will be put in your way. However, if the need for revolution is so great that you repeatedly hear calls for change, then things have gone far enough. If this is the case you will be able to find enough support to carry you through the troubles.


4) 9 in 4th throw

a) Remorse disappears.
It is correct.
The changes bring good fortune.

b) Your plans are reliable.

You are involved in creating a revolution and it is a time of doubts and worries. All will go well; follow your plan and it will succeed.


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) Important people; changed by a tiger.
You do not see it yet, but it is true.

b) The markings of a tiger are clearly visible.

You have launched a revolution; like a tiger making a kill. No need to worry, it is all going well, no one wants to fight with a tiger.


6) 6 at the top

a) A wise man changes like a leopard.
The evil people change on the surface.
Punishments bring misfortune.
To remain persevering brings good fortune.

b) They comply with authority.

After a revolution there are still many small reforms that need to be made. This is made easier by the fact that many of the people, who used to oppose change, now say that they really supported it all along. Although this is helpful you should remember that this change of heart does not go very deep. Even so, you should concentrate your energy on positive, and subtle, steps forward; and do not try to punish people for having been on the wrong side.