How to use the I Ching

Take any three similar coins.
You throw the coins to decide your reading; this is a random access method that somehow seems to provide the reading that you need.

Also, you will need a pen and paper to record your results.
You can ask it a question before you start.

Shake the coins in your hand, randomly, and drop them on to the floor.
Note the result.
There are only four possible results. HHH or TTT or HHT or HTT
Now you score 3 for H and 2 for T - so you will have either a 9 or 6 or 8 or 7
You have to do 6 throws - this is why you need a pen and paper.

A throw that adds up to 7 or a 9 is a Yang line - and an 8 or a 6 is a Yin line.
You draw a line for Yang ------- or a broken line for Yin --- ---

Important: The first throw is drawn at the bottom and then you pile them up until the 6th throw is on the top.

There is a chart to convert this pattern into a chapter number.

Where you have got a 9 or a 6, either three heads or three tails, you get an extra reading in the Lines section at the end of your chapter.