The sun rises over the earth.







Progress; the noble lord gives away horses in order to strengthen his people.

Three days of sunshine.



Brightness shining over the earth.


A wise man uses his Inner Light to brighten his path.


This is a very favourable situation. The sun is shining.

A wise ruler has able and devoted helpers. There is progress on all sides.





1) 6 at the start

a) Progress here; forced back there.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
Some things must be lost.
Gaining without blame.

b) You need not bow to fate.

Sometimes progress is difficult and uneven but you should not be discouraged by problems. This suggests that some losses are inevitable but you will do well if you carry on and persevere.


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) Progressing here. Worrying there.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
Making peace from a strong position brings blessing.
Becoming a leader and a provider.

b) Gaining the middle ground is correct.

After a time of difficulties, where progress was hard and dangerous, there comes a new time where you can make peace and gain stability. Then you can make real progress and also help other people to make progress.


3) 6 in 3rd throw

a) Many people have confidence in you. Remorse disappears.

b) There is agreement.

You will make progress with help from other people because of your previous good behaviour and attitude.


4) 9 in 4th throw

a) Progress like a rodent.
Perseverance brings danger.

b) Not the right situation.

Some people cannot resist getting all possible advantages out of a good situation. Going too far leads to trouble.


5) 6 in 5th throw

a) Remorse disappears.
Letting go brings freedom from worries.
Good fortune will come.
Nothing that is not favourable.

b) Your works bring blessing.

Here you are the ruler in a time of progress. You are in the centre of the 'great light'. You might feel that you have not pushed strongly enough, and that you could have done better, or you may feel that you did not try hard enough to keep hold of things that were lost. In fact, you have attained a very good position, and you will not have to regret anything.


6) 9 at the top

a) Making progress using the horns.
Used for punishing your people.
When facing danger good fortune and no blame.
Perseverance brings humiliation.

b) This way is not in the light.

This is another warning; a strong person at a time of progress may go too far. You may use your strength unreasonably and be hard on people who mean well and are trying to help you. It is right to use strength when it is needed but if you act this way out of habit, at times when it is not necessary, a bad end will be the result.