The sky retreats above the mountaintops.




Keeping still



Retreat. Success.

In small things perseverance is favourable.





Below Heaven there is a mountain.


A wise man keeps his distance from evil people by being remote; not with anger and threats.


No matter how high the mountain is the sky is always higher.

A retreat must be done at the right time and in the right way. The retreat should be a calm withdrawal, and preferably, not even look like a retreat. This is why the image advises against anger; it is best to disguise your intentions.

A retreat is not like a defeat; it is a move designed to improve your position and timing, during a period of possible conflict.




1) 6 at the start

a) The tail of a retreat is dangerous. Make no use of previous plans.

b) Not going - how can there be a calamity then?

It is dangerous to be at the back of a retreat, the danger is closest and there is no one to give a warning. It is important, in this situation, not to do anything that is not necessary. Keep quiet and stay alert.


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) He holds on to it with yellow leather. Nothing can tear him away.

b) Firmly resolved.

If you are determined enough it may be possible to avoid a retreat by firmly standing your ground and sticking to your position. This predicts that you can hold on but it may be a difficult time and you will need to be strong.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) Family retreat. Hatred and danger. Sustaining servants and slaves brings good fortune.

b) Distressing times do not produce great deeds.

During a time of retreat, there are hard times and dangers. The advice given here is that you should look after those people who need it and expect it, such as your family, and that you should concentrate only on this, and not try to do other work as well.


4) 9 in 4th throw

a) Loving retreat. Good fortune for a wise man. The evil people are obstructed.

b) A wise man gracefully retreats and his opponents are silenced.

This is a situation where your retreat brings about the defeat of your opponents. A graceful retreat at the correct time can wrong-foot the opposition and allow you to gain the upper hand; sometimes without you having to even acknowledge the existence of your opponents.


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) Praiseworthy retreat. Perseverance brings good fortune.

b) Wishing to act correctly.

If you feel that it is correct to retreat, although you are not forced to, then you should do what you feel is correct. This will produce good results later.


6) 9 at the top

a) Fertile retreat. Everything will be favourable.

b) Without cause for concern.

In this case your retreat leads to a better situation than the one that you are leaving behind.