A lake on a mountain.




Keeping still



Influence, success.

Perseverance favourable.

Understanding people of the opposite sex brings good fortune.


On the mountain there is a lake.


A wise man avoids prejudice in order to relate with all people.



The type of influence described here is one where someone decides that they like you. The text mainly stresses understanding as the important factor. With understanding you are able to approach people correctly and you also understand their approach.

People are attracted to someone who they find to be understanding and free from prejudice. This kind of influence is favourable.




1) 6 at the start

a) Influence between the big toes.

b) What you wish for is outside.

Here someone is influenced to go out by a desire for something.


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) The influence shows itself in the calves of the legs.
Staying at home brings good fortune.

b) No harm from yielding.

This means that following a desire will lead you into trouble. You should resist your feelings and keep away or stay at home.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) The influence shows itself in your thighs.
Keeping to your religion. The time of regret is passed.

b) Influenced to follow.

This means that it is right to leave behind a way of life that you feel is wrong. If you feel influenced to go another way you can put the past behind you.


4) 9 in 4th throw

a) Perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse disappears.
Worrying, worrying; going, coming.
You only have to wish and companions will follow.

b) Not yet great or important.

This means that if you try to influence people in a planned way then you will do less well than if you just allow things to go naturally. All you need to do are the obvious things at the obvious times.

Confucius said about this line: "What need has nature for thought and care? In nature all things return to their common source and are distributed along different paths; through one action the fruits of a hundred thoughts are realised. What need has nature of thought, of care?"


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) The influence shows in the shoulders. No remorse.

b) Determined to the last.

Here, there is a strong and correct influence, combined with enough thought and enough determination to bring about the desired end.


6) 6 at the top

a) The influence shows itself in the jaws, cheeks, and tongue.

b) He opens his mouth and talks.

This person tries to influence people with words. Talking is easy so no-one takes much notice.