The energy returns.







Return. Success.

Going out and coming in without error.

Friends come without blame.

Turning around returning to your way.

When the seventh day comes: Return.

It is favourable to have a plan.


Thunder under the earth.

Return of the earth dragon.

The kings of old closed the border at midwinter.

A prince finishes his duties at midnight.




This chapter means that there is a pause before a new beginning.

This is the turning point where the darkness passes its maximum and the light starts to return. When the new springtime gets underway there will be things to do and friends to help.

Until then stay quiet and wait for things to begin reappearing.





1) 9 at the start

a) Not staying away, returning. Not merely sorry. Great good fortune.

b) He improves his character.

This line represents a return to the way after straying off the path. It may be you or someone else.

Confucius said about this line: (Yen Hui was a favourite pupil.) "Yen Hui is one who will surely attain it. If he has a fault he never fails to recognise it. Having recognised it he never commits the error a second time."


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) Gentle return. Good fortune.

b) Using humanity.

This is a return perhaps following an argument at a previous meeting. A gentle attitude works best.


3) 6 in 3rd throw

a) Urgent return. Danger. No blame.

b) Righteous, without blame.

This line represents a person who seems indecisive and appears to be erratic in their behaviour. If they have various dangers to overcome then there is no blame in their behaviour.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Moving towards the centre he returns alone.

b) He follows the right way.

This person parts company with their usual companions and returns.


5) 6 in 5th throw

a) Noble-hearted return. No remorse.

b) The wish of his ancestors.

This is someone with good intentions who decides to return even though it is not easy for them.


6) 6 at the top

a) Deluded return. Misfortune. Calamity and blunder.
Using armies will end in serious defeat. All control will be lost for 10 years.

b) Misfortune in opposing the way of the ruler.

This is someone who decides to do the wrong thing. It is a serious error of judgement, and it leads to serious problems.