The Earth is deep.







The surface of the Earth.

Perseverance, combined with spirit and strength, brings great success.

A wise man works towards achieving something.

At first confusion, but afterwards gains. A lord harvesting.

At the place of harvest there will be helpers. At the place of winter retreat; alone.

Quiet perseverance will bring good fortune.


The potency of the Earth.

Endless possibilities.

A wise man uses the generous ways of Heaven to produce abundance, and to provide for all the creatures of the Earth.








This chapter represents the surface of the Earth; the place where life is possible.

It is recommended that you work towards achieving something that is possible, even though you may not be sure, at the beginning, exactly how it can be done.

If you have the necessary spirit and strength you will do very well, but you will do best if you try to provide for all, not just for yourself. This is the way of the Earth; the mother and provider of physical things.



1) 6 at the start

a) When there is frost on the path, solid ice is developing.

b) By letting it continue, you allow it to become solid.

This means that by the time a frosty or bad atmosphere is visible to people outside of a close relationship, then the situation has gone past the point where it will improve. People usually prefer to argue in private, and keep a happy face while guests are present. If they no longer care about this, it must be a serious and bitter disagreement.

Confucius said about this line: "A house that heaps good upon good is sure to have an abundance of blessings. A house that heaps evil upon evil is sure to have an abundance of ills. Where a servant murders his master, where a son murders his father, the causes do not lie between the morning and evening of one day. It took a long time for things to go so far. It came about because things that should have been stopped were not stopped soon enough."


2) 6 in 2nd throw

a) Great reform and restoration on all sides. Nothing that is done will be a waste of time.

b) The influence of the Earthly Tao shining.

This means you have a correct attitude, and follow the correct path. You know what to do, and get on with it. In this way, you get things done, and you influence others to follow your good example.

Confucius said about this line: "Straightness means righting things, squareness means fulfilment of duty. The superior man is serious in order to make his inner life straight. He does his duty in order to make his outer life square. Where seriousness, and fulfilment of duty, stand firm, character will not become one-sided."


3) 6 in 3rd throw

a) Possessing the necessary qualities for perseverance.
Possibly following the affairs of the king.
Without contest you achieve your ends.

b) Ready to push forward at the right time; understanding what will mean great progress.

Here you should do the work that is at hand and also bear in mind that there could be new possibilities coming that are not yet in sight.

Confucius said about this line: "The dark force possesses beauty but veils it. So must a man be when entering the service of a king. He must avoid laying claim to the completed work. This is the way of the earth, the way of the wife, the way of one who serves. It is the way of the earth to make no display of completed work, but rather to bring everything to completion vicariously."


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Tied-up in a bag. No blame, no praise.

b) Caution is not harmful.

Keeping still, and staying under cover, is the best thing to do at the moment. There is no blame in this, even if nobody is pleased. There may be people around who would like you to be doing things for them, but they will have to wait.

Confucius said about this line: "When Heaven and earth are creating, in change and transformation, all plants and animals flourish; but when Heaven and earth close, the able man withdraws into the dark."


5) 6 in 5th throw

a) Yellow clothes. Supreme good fortune.

b) Beauty is within.

This means that, even when in a good situation, you keep a good and modest attitude. This is unusual and leads to good things.

Confucius said about this line: "The superior man is yellow and moderate; thus he makes his influence in the outer world through reason. He seeks the right place for himself and dwells in the essential. His beauty is within, but it gives freedom to his limbs and expresses itself in his works. This is the perfection of beauty."


6) 6 at the top

a) Dragons fight in the fields. Their blood is indigo blue and yellow.

b) Their way comes to an end.

Here there is a conflict, or perhaps a struggle for control, between two individuals, and both sides take losses as a result. You may be involved, even though you do not want to be, or suffer from some of the consequences. There is no prediction of misfortune or humiliation, so it may not be serious losses; you will just have to wait and see.

Confucius said about this line: When the dark seeks to equal the light principle, there is certain to be a struggle. Lest one thinks that nothing of the light remains, the dragon is mentioned. Indigo and yellow are the colours of Heaven and earth in confusion. Heaven is indigo, and earth is yellow."


If all the lines are sixes:

a) Lasting perseverance will be favourable.

b) An oracle of sixes. Lasting perseverance. The great will help in your work.

Keep on, in this way, and you will achieve something important.